With the following areas of expertise, Maddess Consulting Services can provide a variety of improvements to current emergency and educational delivery systems.

  • Developing customer focussed continuous quality improvement systems
  • Automatic External Defibrillation System Implementation
  • Cost beneficial fire department and patient transport amalgamation
  • Developing customer-based public safety systems
  • Establishment of a Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Emergency service strategic planning thus allowing for organisational, political, customer, and member needs to be met
  • Implementing “Certified to Standards”: multi-tasked fire fighters
  • Implementation of police, fire and ambulance joint dispatch and communication systems
  • Implementation of cost effective public safety, supervised intruder and fire alarm monitoring systems
  • Establishment of medical oversight and medical accountability systems
  • Establishment of High Performance Emergency Medical Systems (HPEMS)
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Data Management Systems, Personnel Management Systems and implementation of an effective area-wide data and computerised dispatch systems
  • Implemented department-wide Firefighter Emergency Medical Assistant (FR) Level 3 Certification, a five acre “state of the art” training centre, dedicated high pressure salt water (earthquake preparation) pumping system, Quint/Life Support Unit mini pumper initiation; and Quality Council of BC Bronze Award level achievement